"Pierce Starre is an artist unafraid of pushing boundaries, challenging hierarchies and producing site-specific performances and works of art that leave a lasting impression on the viewer" - Peter Bonnell, Senior Curator, QUAD

Pierce Starre (They/Them) is a live performance artist based in Liverpool. Their work predominantly explores their cultural experiences as a queer, working class, neurodivergent, Child of Deaf Adults (CODA), within a broader social and political context. Their artworks provide the viewer with an opportunity to be immersed within an embodied experience, creating a platform for connection, reflection, and discussion.

Pierce participated in Live Art Development Agency’s DIY16: 2019 – Ania Bas & Amy Pennington: Performance for Shy people. Playwriting for dyslexics. He also received mentoring support from Ireland’s leading Performance Artist; Amanda Coogan. In January 2020 Pierce performed as part of the CO-CREATION LIVE FACTORY “Dissenting Bodies Marking Time” at Venice International Performance Art Week.  Their recent performance, Reflection, was shared as part of Performistanbul’s Stay LIVE at Home project; the work has been added to the British Library collection. Pierce is also a recent recipient of an Arts Council award as part of the Arts Councils Covid-19 Emergency response fund.

Pierce has received commissions from METAL Culture, Heart of Glass, DADAFest, Unshut Festival, Vivid Projects, Liverpool Independents Biennial, Word of Warning and Disability Arts Online.

Pierce also runs DRIP, an artist led platform facilitating the exploration and development of Live Art in Liverpool. Through DRIP, Pierce has established SPILL YER TEA, an accessible and all inclusive experimental Live Art and Performance Art event that takes place online and at Constellations in Liverpool’s Baltic Triangle.  Since August 2019 SPILL YER TEA has supported and platformed the work of sixty four emerging and established artists working both nationally and internationally.


Upcoming Dates 


Performance Platform – “Trousers”; a new live collaborative performance with Nicholas Ball. Coming soon.


Independents Biennial Liverpool – Premiere of video performance “Empty”. Coming Soon.



  • BA (Hons) Fine Art, First Class Honours University of Derby, UK 2018



  • Tea Spill Live Art Club, Cafe OTO, Hackney, London 2020
  • “COLLECTIVE” Dissent Venice International Performance Art Week, Venice, Italy 2020
  • Chaos Venice International Performance Art Week, Venice, Italy 2020
  • Labels Emergency, Word of Warning, Manchester 2019
  • Paradox University of Derby, UK 2018
  • /hiə/ Divine Locale, Derby, UK 2017
  • Raising Your Voice University of Derby, UK 2017


  • Fragile VLTV, Vivid Projects, Birmingham 2020
  • Online Presentation of (In)visible Hexxyduxxybox, India 2020
  • (In)visible Unshut Festival, Sheffield, UK 2020
  • Empty Future Network Shorts, Metal Culture UK 2020
  • Reflection Homework, Heart of Glass, St Helens 2020
  • Reflection Stay LIVE at Home, Performistanbul, Istanbul, Turkey 2020





  • VLTV Vivid Projects, Birmingham 2020
  • Remote Residencies Metal Culture UK 2020
  • Future Network Shorts Metal Culture UK 2020
  • Unshut Festival Sheffield, UK 2020
  • Arts Council Emergency Response Fund: for individuals Arts Council England 2020
  • Home Work Heart of Glass, St Helens 2020
  • Emergency Word of Warning, Manchester 2019
  • Artists Development Programme DaDaFest, Liverpool 2019


  • The Changing Rooms Tempting Failure 2020
  • Mentorship with Peter Bonnell, Senior Curator, QUAD Derby, UK 2020
  • La Pocha Nosta, VestAndPage, Andrigo&Aliprandi Co-Creation Live Factory, Venice, Italy 2020
  • Bbeyond | Performance Monthly Belfast, Northern Ireland 2019
  • Mentorship with Amanda Coogan, DadaFest Belfast, Northern Ireland 2019
  • DIY16: Performance for shy people… dyslexics. Live Art Development Agency, St Helens 2019
  • You Are Awesomely Wonky and Burning with Rage Jackie Hagan, DaDaFest, Liverpool 2019
  • Lead Artist, Sounds Like Her, New Art Exchange Nottingham, UK 2017
  • Lead Artist, Collabor8, Nottingham Contemporary Nottingham, UK 2017
  • Mentorship with Brian Griffin The Shoes of Deauville, Deauville, France 2016
  • Lead Artist, Get Started With, FORMAT and Princes Trust, QUAD Derby, UK 2016