"Pierce Starre is an artist unafraid of pushing boundaries, challenging hierarchies and producing site-specific performances and works of art that leave a lasting impression on the viewer" - Peter Bonnell, Senior Curator, QUAD

Pierce Starre (They/Them) is a Liverpool based artist working across live performance art, still and moving images. Their work explores the broader social and political context of their cultural experiences as a queer, working-class, neurodivergent individual, navigating autism, VAST (variable attention stimulus trait) and Dyslexia and growing up with Deaf parents who use British Sign Language. Their artworks, which are often trauma informed have delved into the intersections of corporality, site, ritual, duration and exhaustion, resulting in an immersive and embodied experience that facilitates connection, reflection, discussion and transformative possibilities.

In May 2023, Pierce presented a performance work titled Nest at Communitism in Athens, as part of Darkness Visible produced by iconic performance artist Ron Athey.  Pierce also performed as part of the CO-CREATION LIVE FACTORY “Dissenting Bodies Marking Time” at Venice International Performance Art Week in January 2020.

Pierce has received commissions from Acciones Al Margen, Arts Council England, Unlimited, METAL Culture, Heart of Glass, DADAFest, Liverpool Independents Biennial, Word of Warning and Disability Arts Online. They have shared live performance work as part of ]Performance Space[, Perform Istanbul and Performance Platform.

Pierce is a member of UK based performance artists/organisers collective OTHER. The collective is formed of individuals who are living and working at the intersection of being queer, neurodivergent, disabled, survivors. Their work is informed by their marginalised identities and experience, necessitating safe, supportive and caring environments within which to initiate, develop, perform, tour, document, exhibit, and disseminate work. Pierce also runs Performance N’ Tha, an artist led platform that has gained national and international recognition as a vital platform supporting radical performance. This initiative focuses on care, community, and accessibility. It aims to support and promote the work of marginalised artists while also making meaningful contributions to the broader Performance Art ecosystem in the UK and beyond.


Upcoming Dates 


UK New Artists – Taking Place Lincoln Programme 2023 : Film Screening of ‘Reet Good’ and Q&A with Pierce Starre at Lincoln Arts Centre, UK on 7th September 2023




  • iBSL Level 6 BSL Interpreting Deafness Support Network 2023
  • Signature NVQ Level 6 British Sign Language BSL Ladder 2021
  • BA (Hons) Fine Art, First Class Honours University of Derby, UK 2018



  • I Am Not An Adam, I Am Not An Eve Miedzynarodwy Festiwal Sztuk Performatywnych, Płock, Poland. 2023
  • Dress ECC Performance Art, Wakefield, Liverpool & Athens 2023
  • Nest, Darkness Visible, Ron Athey, Hermes Pittakos Communitism, Athens 2023
  • The Interpreter Pandemic Divination Ritual, La Pocha Nostra, Buzzcut, Glasgow, Scotland 2023
  • Scrutiny Leicester Guildhall, Leicester City Takeover, UK New Artists 2022
  • Collective Utterance Reet Good, Performance N' Tha, QUAD Derby, UK 2022
  • Head Full Knees Buckle Reet Good, Performance N' Tha, QUAD Derby, UK 2022
  • Trousers Performance Platform, OPEN Ealing, London, UK 2021
  • The Table ]Performance Space[ , Folkestone, UK 2021
  • Tea Spill Live Art Club, Cafe OTO, London, UK 2020
  • “COLLECTIVE” Dissent Venice International Performance Art Week, Venice, Italy 2020
  • Chaos Venice International Performance Art Week, Venice, Italy 2020
  • Labels Emergency, Word of Warning, Manchester 2019
  • Paradox University of Derby, UK 2018
  • /hiə/ Divine Locale, Derby, UK 2017
  • Raising Your Voice University of Derby, UK 2017


  • Fragile VLTV, Vivid Projects, Birmingham 2020
  • Online Presentation of (In)visible Hexxyduxxybox, India 2020
  • (In)visible Unshut Festival, Sheffield, UK 2020
  • Empty Future Network Shorts, Metal Culture UK 2020
  • Reflection Homework, Heart of Glass, St Helens 2020
  • Reflection Stay LIVE at Home, Performistanbul, Istanbul, Turkey 2020


  • Scrutiny The International Performance Festival Acciones Al Margen, Columbia 2023
  • Dress Wakefield, Liverpool and Athens 2023
  • Heirophant, Ron Athey Communitism, Athens, 2023
  • Scrutiny SPILL YER TEA, #5, Performance N' Tha, Liverpool, UK 2021
  • Scrutiny Independents Biennial + Metal Culture, Liverpool, UK 2021



  • Scrutiny Lift-Off Global Network Festival, Pinewood Studios, London 2021


  • OTHER Centre Live Art Yorkshire (CLAY), Leeds 2023
  • OTHER The Art House, Wakefield 2023
  • Darkness Visible, Ron Athey & Hermes Pittakos Athens, Greece 2023
  • Residential Workshop with Rubiane Maia ]Performance Space[ , Folkestone, UK 2021
  • Remote Residencies Metal Culture, Liverpool, UK 2020
  • Artists in Residence Metal + Independents Biennial, Liverpool, UK 2020
  • MAP Artist in Residence Liverpool Hope University, Liverpool, UK 2019
  • 12 Hour Residencies The Gathering, ROAR, Rotherham, UK 2017
  • Amnesia with Manuel Vason Tempting Failure, London, UK 2016




  • Lead Artist, Sounds Like Her, New Art Exchange Nottingham, UK 2017
  • Lead Artist, Collabor8, Nottingham Contemporary Nottingham, UK 2017


  • Accessibility Consultancy Curtains Curtains Curtains, Frightwig, Angelfield Festival, Liverpool 2023



  • REET GOOD #1 Performance N' Tha, QUAD, Derby 2022
  • SPILL YER TEA #5 Performance N' Tha, Online 2021
  • GAB #1 with Amanda Coogan Performance N' Tha 2021
  • SPILL YER TEA #4 Performance N' Tha, Online 2020
  • SPILL YER TEA #2 Performance N' Tha, Constellations, Liverpool 2019
  • SPILL YER TEA #1 Performance N' Tha, Constellations, Liverpool 2019