"Pierce Starre is an artist unafraid of pushing boundaries, challenging hierarchies and producing site-specific performances and works of art that leave a lasting impression on the viewer" - Peter Bonnell, Senior Curator, QUAD

Pierce Starre (b.1984, Liverpool, UK) situates his personal experiences within a broader social and political context. His artworks act as a conduit, providing the viewer with an opportunity to be immersed within an embodied experience, creating a platform for connection, reflection and discussion. He is interested in the immediacy of live art and its ability to engage the artist and the viewer, in a transformative exchange. His previous work has explored themes of restriction and identity, and have incorporated elements of stillness, duration and endurance.


  1. BA (Hons) Fine Art, First Class HonoursUniversity of Derby, UK, 2018


  1. Sounds Like HerNew Art Exchange, Nottingham, UK, 2017
  2. Why Performance Art?University of Derby, UK, 2017
  3. Movement & PerceptionQUAD, Derby, UK, 2014

Live Performance

  1. The Big ShowUniversity of Derby, UK, 2018
  2. Raising Your VoiceUniversity of Derby, UK, 2017


  1. Vibrations and SynesthesiaNew Art Exchange, Nottingham, UK, 2015
  2. Movement & PerceptionQUAD, Derby, UK, 2014


  1. 12 Hour ResidenciesThe Gathering, ROAR, Rotherham, UK, 2017
  2. AmnesiaTempting Failure CIC, London, UK, 2016

Awards and Funding

  1. Artists Development ProgrammeDaDaFest, Liverpool, 2019

Publications and Media

  1. 10 CODA Artists to ExploreKODAheart, 2018
  2. An enduring performance ; the Art of being /hɪə/Derby News, 2017
  3. /hɪə/BBC East Midlands Today, 2017
  4. /hɪə/BBC Radio, 2017
  5. Why this man will sit silently, blindfoldedDerby Telegraph, 2017
  6. Public try to ‘put off’ artist sitting silentlyDerby Telegraph, 2017
  7. How to be /hɪə/ now with Pierce StarreThis is IN Magazine, 2017
  8. Local artist hopes to lift the red tapeThis is IN Magazine, 2017
  9. Growing up as a CODAThe Limping Chicken, 2015
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