"Pierce Starre is an artist unafraid of pushing boundaries, challenging hierarchies and producing site-specific performances and works of art that leave a lasting impression on the viewer" - Peter Bonnell, Senior Curator, QUAD

Pierce Starre (b.1984 Liverpool) is a UK based artist with a practice situated in performance. Pierce situates his personal experiences within a broader social and political context. His artworks provide the viewer with an opportunity to be immersed within an embodied experience, creating a platform for connection, reflection, and discussion. Pierce understands the capacity of performance art to engage the artist and the viewer in a transformative exchange both through the live performance of the work and through its documentation.


His previous work has explored his lived experience of being a Child of Deaf Adults and has critiqued the restrictive nature of institutional frameworks.


Pierce has recently established DRIP, an artist led platform facilitating the exploration and development of Live Art in Liverpool. He has also recently been awarded a commission by DaDaFest as part of their Artist Development fund and is currently an artist in residence at Liverpool’s Hope University.



  1. BA (Hons) Fine Art, First Class HonoursUniversity of Derby, UK, 2018

Talks and Panels

  1. Accessibility ConsultancyJerwood Arts, 2019
  2. Sounds Like HerNew Art Exchange, Nottingham, UK, 2017
  3. Why Performance Art?University of Derby, UK, 2017
  4. Movement & PerceptionQUAD, Derby, UK, 2014

Live Performance

  1. LabelsEmergency 2019, Word of Warning, Manchester, 2019
  2. ParadoxUniversity of Derby, UK, 2018
  3. /hiə/Divine Locale, Derby, UK, 2017
  4. Raising Your VoiceUniversity of Derby, UK, 2017


  1. LabelsMarcin Sz | The Past Tense + Guests​, Stryx Gallery Birmingham, 2019
  2. Vibrations and SynesthesiaNew Art Exchange, Nottingham, UK, 2015
  3. Movement & PerceptionQUAD, Derby, UK, 2014


  1. MAP Artist in ResidenceLiverpool Hope University, Liverpool, UK, 2019
  2. 12 Hour ResidenciesThe Gathering, ROAR, Rotherham, UK, 2017
  3. AmnesiaTempting Failure CIC, London, UK, 2016

Awards and Funding

  1. Artists Development ProgrammeDaDaFest, Liverpool, 2019

Training and Workshops

  1. You Are Awesomely Wonky and Burning with Rage with Jackie HaganDaDaFest, Liverpool, 2019
  2. Photographer’s Assistant, The Shoes of DeauvilleBrian Griffin, Deauville, France, 2016

Curatorial and Programming

  1. SPILL YER TEAConstellations, Liverpool, 2019

Publications and Media

  1. Meet the Artist: Pierce StarreDADAFest, 2019
  2. An unstoppable force vs. the immovable objectThe State of the Arts, 2019
  3. SPILL YER TEABBC Radio, 2019
  4. In conversation with SPILL YER TEAConstellations, Liverpool, 2019
  5. Restrictions on Creative FreedomDerby News, 2018
  6. 10 CODA Artists to ExploreKODAheart, 2018
  7. An enduring performance ; the Art of being /hɪə/Derby News, 2017
  8. /hɪə/BBC East Midlands Today, 2017
  9. /hɪə/BBC Radio, 2017
  10. Why this man will sit silently, blindfoldedDerby Telegraph, 2017
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