“Performance N’ Tha takes the notion of accessibility very seriously considering a wider range of audience and viewership”. (Fenia Kosopoulou)

"This was my second time and both experiences were amazing. Caring for each artist’s needs the way Performance N’ Tha does is a rarity." (Nina Claire)

Pierce leads Performance N’ Tha, an artist led intiative based in Liverpool. The platform has developed national and international recognition as a vital platform supporting radical performance.  Pierce has been working professionally as a curator, producer and project manager since 2019 and has successfully secured Arts Council Funding for a number of projects. Through Performance N’ Tha, Pierce has forged partnerships with organisations including METAL Culture UK, Heart of Glass, QUAD Derby, Derby Theatre and UK New Artists. 

Pierce’s work spans across live performance art and the still and moving image, if you are interested in collaborating with Pierce, please email pierce@piercestarre.com