Head Full Knees Buckle

18 February 2022
Live Performance
QUAD, Derby
Image: Marcin Sz

Head Full Knees Buckle utilises a 16 kilo mound of red tape from a work Pierce presented in 2018 called Paradox, where Pierce taped their entire university exhibition space during their studies. Head Full Knees Buckle reflects upon Pierce’s experience of navigating through the institutional space and shares the neurodivergent experience of the overwhelming and debilitating effects of stifling institutional protocol structures. For 75 minutes, Pierce repeatedly bent their knees to breaking point while holding the weight of the red tape mound on their head.  The work was the culmination of a four day co-creation and collective sharing of artistic practice between six Deaf, Disabled and Nuerodivergent artists who were  provided the much needed space to share, create and reimagine work within the context of the Derby City Landscape.

Head Full Knees Buckle, was performed as part of Reet Good; an electric, dynamic and trail blazing event of Live Performance Art that seeks to break down barriers, challenge preconceptions and boldly centre and illuminate the work of Deaf, Disabled and Nuerodivergent Artists.

Reet Good has been conceived by neurodivergent led platform Performance N’ Tha with the support of UK New Artists in collaboration with Derby Theatre, Derby QUAD and Heart of Glass with funding from Arts Council England. Reet Good’s core mission is to empower Deaf, Disabled and Nuerodivergent artists to articulate and develop their individual praxis within a temporary autonomous environment of co-creation and collective sharing.

All Images and Artwork © Pierce Starre 2024