2 June 2018
Live Performance
University of Derby, Derby, UK
Image: Russell Pollard

Paradox explored the contradictory structures of the educational institution.


“A place that recognises the value of disruption, in the creative sense of the word.” (David McGravie, Head of the School of Arts, University of Derby, 2018).


“…Disruption or disturbance in the learning or social environments of the University is unacceptable, and may be subject to disciplinary procedures…” (Student Code of Conduct, University of Derby).


The work consisted of three stages; the meticulous construction of the institutional framework, the enervating experience of navigating through its paradoxical protocols and the tearing down of institutional walls in a deconstruction of educational systems.


Paradox was an endurance piece that totalled 85 hours over 11 consecutive days.


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